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RedShelf Introduces Seamless Courseware Integrations with RedShelf Link


Expanded Pearson Partnership Provides Simplified Course Materials Access to Enhance Student Engagement and Performance

CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 2018 -- RedShelf, a leading distributor of digital course materials in higher education, today announced RedShelf Link, its new seamless courseware integration. RedShelf Link benefits students, professors and campus administrators by providing a simple, direct experience when accessing and organizing the content and tools that students use to succeed.

RedShelf has partnered with Pearson, the leading publisher in U.S. higher education, to implement the codeless courseware integration that enables frictionless provisioning of digital course materials. A number of established RedShelf campus partners launched RedShelf Link's three-way integration for classes beginning this academic term. Through this integration, the learning management systems provide students with one-click access to Pearson's MyLab, Mastering and Revel courseware products through the college's inclusive access program.

The RedShelf Link integration delivers an optimal student experience by eliminating the need for access codes and course keys, a common source of confusion, and instead provides direct and immediate access to required course materials prior to the first day of class.

"This innovation was an obvious next step in simplifying processes for faculty, administrators, the campus bookstore and publishers, to the benefit of students and their academic engagement," said Tom Scotty, COO of RedShelf. "Our partnership with Pearson has been integral in evolving inclusive access and simplifying affordable and immediate access to quality course materials."

While RedShelf and Pearson have partnered together to provide affordable course material solutions since 2014, the introduction of seamless courseware integrations is a key advancement that paves the way forward for simplified access to digital content and learning tools.

"The seamless integration of Pearson's inclusive access program into institutions' existing platforms streamlines student access to affordable course materials on the first day of class," said John Tweeddale, senior vice president, higher education services at Pearson. "RedShelf has played an important role in Pearson's transition to digital, and this new integration allows us to bring the benefits of inclusive access to institutions and students more quickly than ever before."

As the RedShelf Inclusive program continues to grow at a rapid pace, RedShelf will continue to work alongside its publishing partners in higher education to provide innovative solutions that tackle new challenges.

About RedShelf
As a leading distributor of digital learning materials in higher education, RedShelf provides technology to the learning community to accelerate the transition to digital. In collaboration with strategic partners, publishers, institutions and campus bookstores, RedShelf offers easily accessible and cost-effective learning materials to students everywhere. For more information, visit or follow on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.  


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