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Fast-Track Your Vision
for tomorrow,

and beyond.

Whether you're planning for the next term or the next decade, RedShelf puts you in charge of the future of digital course materials. 

At RedShelf, your vision is our mission. Whether that means responding to a sudden increase in demand for digital course materials, or improving a program you've been working on for years, now is the time to let us help put you in control. Our technology fits seamlessly into your workflows and helps you set up and expand in less time. So you can stay focused on your vision—for tomorrow, and beyond.  


Traci Webster

Textbook Manager, 

Morehead University

In 2020, Morehead State moved to selling exclusively digital course materials via eCommerce, and saved students $750K while increasing eBook revenue by $300K. 


Ben Compton

Course Materials Manager,

Buying Group, Aztec Shops,

San Diego State University

San Diego State University has a vision of a digital-first campus. In 2020, we helped SDSU double the number of Inclusive Access courses, saving students $6.2 million. 

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Stacy Elofir

Bookstore Director,

Towson University

Towson University Bookstore's innovations expanded their Inclusive Access program from fewer than 1,000 students to more than16,000 students between spring 2017 and fall 2019. 

Watch Stacy's Webcast: Using Data to Grow IA.


Lou Moritz

Manager of Administrative Services, Tri-County Technical College

From the inception of its Inclusive Access program in 2016 to summer 2019, Tri-County Technical College students saved more than $1 million in textbook costs. 


Chris Peterson

Campus Store Manager, Normandale Community College

In less than 18 months, Normandale Community College brought first-day access to affordable, engaging digital course materials to half of all students.


Owliver Solve

Purveyor of wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration.

Find tools, training, templates, and technical support at


Caesar Wood

Director of Auxiliary Services, Cloud County Community College

Responding to the pressure of the Covid pandemic, in a matter of just three weeks, Cloud County moved from a three-course pilot to 100% of courses delivering digital materials directly to students through Inclusive Access.

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Click Here to See Caesar's College Store Cover.


Andrew Dowdy

Assistant Director,

Murray State University Bookstore

Murray State University’s Inclusive Access program saved students nearly $1.8M between fall 2017 and fall 2019.

Watch Andrew's Webcast: Getting Faculty to "Yes".

Maryville photo.jpg

Tammy Gocial &

Laura Stevens

Associate Academic Vice President and Director of Auxiliary Services, Maryville University 

During a four-month planning period in early 2019, Maryville University forged an industry-transforming partnership between academics and administration to launch one of the nation's first hybrid store models.

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Helen Nakos

Bookstore Director,

Joliet Junior College

Start an Inclusive Access pilot program in as few as six weeks before your academic start date.

Click Here to See What it Takes


Anthony Ross

Course Materials Manager,

Bookstore Collaboration,

Minneapolis College

From a limited Inclusive Access pilot in fall 2016, Minneapolis College grew Direct Digital to reach 330 courses and save students $2.3 million in three years. 

Click Here For Anthony's Top Tips.

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