The Future is Digital-First.

Hundreds of colleges and universities are moving rapidly to campus-wide "Digital-First" course materials models through which every student automatically receives their textbooks, in an affordable digital format, right through the LMS.


This operationally efficient, more equitable approach is the undeniable future—and RedShelf is the Digital-First partner to get you there.

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The Context

Institutions of higher learning face tremendous financial and operational strains, and experts predict that as many as 40% of schools will continue struggling and/or close permanently without new, more sustainable business models.

The College Stress Test: Tracking Institutional Futures across a Crowded Market, 2020

Affordability, equity, and access have become critical concerns, and the COVID pandemic has only widened the opportunity gap. College enrollments among new grads from high-minority and high-poverty high schools plummeted by 26% and 32% respectively in Fall 2020. 

High School Benchmarks 2020, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

 While institutions struggle to maintain academic quality and strong outcomes during challenging times, nearly 30% of students are going without required course materials, due largely to cost and/or confusion regarding what is required. 50% say it negatively impacts their learning.

2020 NACS Student Watch Report, National Association of College Stores

Higher education, like all industries, must be responsive to growing stakeholder expectations of customer-centered approaches and seamless, frictionless processes. Today's students expect a supportive and frustration-free experience.

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Why Digital-First?

From affordability and quality concerns to operational and financial strains, higher education faces unprecedented, complex challenges. In searching for the best path forward, visionary leaders are finding that automatically providing digital course materials to all students is an elegant, high-impact solution.

Access & Equity

Lower cost of attendance (up to 80% less than print); guaranteed first-day access for every student; accessibility for students with disabilities.

Student Experience

Maximum convenience, no need to shop; a single point of access to all required materials via the LMS; uninterrupted learning whether on-campus or remote.

Financial Sustainability

90+% average participation (sell-through), keeping critical textbook revenue on campus; reduced physical inventory burden and risk; streamlined operations.

Data & Insights 

Aggregated sales and business data to support decision-making; student usage and performance analytics to identify at-risk students and inform teaching.

Why RedShelf? 

Successfully implementing a Digital-First model requires a Digital-First partner. While many providers are attempting to adapt their traditional textbook models to keep pace with digital evolution, RedShelf has always been focused squarely on being the best at digital content delivery. 

  • Award-winning EdTech company focused, since our founding, on leading-edge digital content delivery 

  • Vast catalog of 1M dynamic digital titles from 10,000+ publishers and content creators

  • A best-in-class eReader, accessible online and offline from any device

  • An end-to-end distribution platform (with seamless system integrations) for the most frictionless student experience

  • A leader in accessible technology, ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to learn

  • Helping half of all colleges nationwide evolve swiftly and effectively in the digital age
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How it Works...

  • Digital course materials delivered automatically to all students, through the LMS

  • Cost included in tuition or added to student accounts

  • Always priced below competitive market rates, and with option to opt-out

  • Secondary print option for those who opt-out of digital

  • Pricing structures:

    • Inclusive Access: variable pricing per student, based on materials required

    • Equitable Access: flat fee regardless of materials required

Unparalleled Support to Ensure Your Success

As a RedShelf partner, you'll receive ongoing, wrap-around support—from strategy and planning to day-to-day implementation—ensuring a seamless experience for faculty, staff, and students while keeping you on the leading-edge. We’re proud to maintain a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%. 

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