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The Future is Digital-First. 
Your Partner Should be, Too.

Hundreds of colleges are moving to a "Digital-First" course materials model through which every student automatically receives their textbooks, in an affordable digital format, right through the LMS.


This operationally efficient, more equitable approach is the undeniable future—and RedShelf is the Digital-First partner to get you there. While many vendors have their roots in traditional print, we've been focused since our founding exclusively on being the very best at digital content delivery.

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Follett Logo

Digital provider to nearly half of all colleges nationwide, including all Follett-managed stores

"By leveraging RedShelf's leading-edge technology, Follett will continue to help campuses attract, retain, and drive better educational outcomes through state of the art digital learning experiences."

Roe J. McFarlane
Follett Higher Education Group


Tech & Learning Award Logo

Winner 2021 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

"The RedShelf e-Reader and content delivery system is extremely robust...the system has made it very easy for educational institutions to evolve in the digital world we live in. I particularly like their ease of integration with both student information systems and learning management systems.”

Tech & Learning Awards

EdTech Breakthrough 2022-RedShelf.png

 2021 & 2022 Publishing Software of the Year

“A school network can have hundreds, if not thousands of entry-points to ingest digital content, with complex workflows that prohibit access and equity among students. RedShelf is simplifying the course materials distribution process and delivering a more affordable, engaging, safe, and frictionless learning experience to millions and millions of students.” 

James Johnson
Managing Director
EdTech Breakthrough

Unizin Logo

Chosen by Unizin, a consortium of tier 1 research universities focused on effective use of learning technology

"Partnering with RedShelf allows us to immediately upgrade the student experience with an eReader solution that keeps accessibility—especially for those who don’t self-identify as having a disability—in primary focus;"

Cathy O’Bryan


Chosen by ISACA, international IT association known as leaders in security & privacy

"We are excited to work with RedShelf as a partner and provider that not only can enrich how we deliver content to learners, but also shares our passion for emerging technology, disruptive thinking, and making a positive impact on current and future generations of learners"

Nader Qaimari
Chief Product Officer


Powering Meaningful Impact

Improving Access & Equity

Lower cost of attendance; first-day access for all; accessibility for students with disabilities; ability to read offline or online

Delivering a Consistently Positive Experience

Maximum convenience, no need to shop; a single point of access to all materials via the LMS; uninterrupted learning whether on-campus or remote

Encouraging Learner Engagement

Built-in study tools (e.g. flashcards, study guide builders), plus option to embed quizzes, assignments, and more

Effectively Leveraging & Protecting Data 

Rich student user insights to identify at-risk students and inform teaching; real-time sales performance data; unmatched security and privacy standards

Driving Operational Efficiency

Reduced physical inventory burden; streamlined administrative processes; turnkey system integrations

Ensuring Financial Sustainability

90+% average sell-through via Inclusive Access, keeping critical textbook revenue on campus

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The Benefits of Digital-First

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Working With RedShelf

What Our Partners Are Saying...

RedShelf has proven to be a true game-changer for our students as they now have access to course materials on day 1 at a much more affordable price than ever before. From a student perspective, their customer service, app, and ease of integration within our LMS have made the transition to digital texts a smooth one! From an institutional perspective, I have been so impressed with the responsiveness and advocacy experienced. The customer service has far outshone the competition and is what led us to choose to partner with RedShelf over other digital providers. 

Mandi Sullivan, M.Ed., PLA

Lead Instructional Designer

Bryan College 

Quotation (1).png

RedShelf solves problems faster than just about everyone.

Justin Foley

Towson University Bookstore

Quotation (1).png

I love the ease of the process and the great staff that help you along the way!

Brenda Lowery

Bookstore Manager

Oakland Community College

Quotation (1).png

Great to work with, great user experience, responsive, and fun!

J Hayward

Jones and Bartlett Learning

Quotation (1).png

Strong integration and partnership. An essential component of our DDA program.

Christopher Wirth


Anne Arundel Community College Bookstore

Quotation (1).png

RedShelf has been the most reliable partner in our Inclusive Access program. It starts with the people you employ; whenever we, at the bookstore, need something, the responses are always same-day and the same is true when our students need something. So many companies out there (not just in the digital or textbook market) could learn many things about the way to conduct themselves with clients and partners alike.

Tony D'Urso

Course Materials Manager

University of New Mexico Bookstore

Quotation (1).png

RedShelf is a great company to work with. We love the digital delivery and the eReader which makes access much simpler for students!

Tammy Gocial

Associate Academic Vice President

Maryville University

Quotation (1).png

Great service, friendly people, great turnaround.


Thomas Thibodseau

Assistant Provost

New England Institute of Technology

Quotation (1).png

All RedShelf staff I've interacted with have been extremely helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable. The feedback we've heard from students has also been very positive. They are a pleasure to work with.

Diane Teague


Azusa Pacific University Bookstore

Quotation (1).png

Fast response time, works to get us the information we need. Works with our IT to get everything set-up and rolling. Flexible invoicing, too.

Cliff Hoy

Bookstore/Post Office Manager

Tusculum University

Quotation (1).png

I would have given RedShelf an 11 but it was not one of the choices!

Micah Ruddell

Assisstant Manager

Kilgore College Bookstore

Quotation (1).png
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