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Inclusive Access:  
Offer Digital Materials

Right Through Your LMS

Thousands of campuses trust RedShelf to help them implement an "Inclusive Access" course materials model as a means of improving affordability and equity while simultaneously supporting organizational efficiency and sustainability.


With Inclusive Access, every student automatically receives their course materials—in a digital format and at prices that are below competitive market rates—by the first day of class, through their school’s Learning Management System (LMS). The discounted cost is typically billed directly to students’ accounts or incorporated into tuition, always with an option to opt-out should a student wish to do so.

Unmatched affordability and convenience

leads to high student participation (sell-through) rates 

Why It Works:

A Win-Win-Win

The Inclusive Access model creates a virtuous cycle of improved affordability and convenience for students, and greater financial sustainability for schools and publishers. It’s a win-win-win.

Increased revenue

provides incentive for publishers to offer lowest possible prices

Image of a Circle Symbolizing a Continuous Cycle

Strong sell-through 

translates to higher net revenues for publishers and schools 

Chart Showing Benefits of Inclusive Access

Digital Via

Inclusive Access

Digital Via


Unlimited Inventory, Immediate Availability

Reduced Physical Inventory Burden

Complete Portability

Built-In Accessibility for Students With Disabilities

User Analytics & Insights

More Engaging Than Print

More Affordable Than Print

Maximum Affordability (lowest possible price)

Maximum Convenience (no shopping, LMS access)

Maximum Sell-Through (typically 90+%)

Maximum Equity (first-day access for every student)

How it Compares:

Maximum Impact

Inclusive Access amplifies the
benefits of digital materials beyond
the point-of-sale delivery model
you may already be using.

What to Expect: 

A Turnkey Experience

RedShelf's effortless distribution software and personalized, hands-on support will ensure your success as you plan, implement, and scale your Inclusive Access program. We're with you every step of the way. 

Diagram Showing Steps for Working with RedShelf

Set Up LMS Integration

Collect & Submit Adoptions

Source & Price Adoptions

Launch Communications

Set Up and Launch Courses

Perform Billing & Reconciliation

Evaluate & Plan Enhancements 

Image of RedShelf Distribution Software

Step One:

Schedule A Consultation

To explore how our seamless software and unparalleled service and support can bring Inclusive Access to life at your institution, speak with your RedShelf Sales Manager, or contact us at the link below.  

Get in Touch

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