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RedShelf and OpenStax Partner to Deliver Open Educational Resources (OER) Through Inclusive Access Courses at No Cost


CHICAGO, Aug 10, 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- RedShelf, a Chicago-based educational software company and the largest inclusive access provider, has expanded its partnership with OpenStax, a nonprofit based at Rice University on a mission to improve student access to education, to distribute OpenStax open educational resources educational resources (OER) for free via RedShelf’s inclusive access platform, RedShelf Inclusive.

“Our expanded partnership with RedShelf supports the mission of OpenStax and preserves a fundamental tenet of open educational resources,” said David Harris, editor in chief for OpenStax. “Free OpenStax textbooks should simply remain free, especially in inclusive access programs. RedShelf is clearly taking a leadership position by extending this equitable option for colleges and universities looking to lower textbook costs across all courses without encumbering students with paywalls or any restrictions for what are otherwise free materials.”

OpenStax will be leveraging RedShelf Inclusive to continue its commitment to providing students with quality learning materials. RedShelf will deliver OpenStax OER learning materials at no cost, enabling students access to the content they need to succeed in the classroom.

The day-one access offered by RedShelf Inclusive means students will have OpenStax’s OER materials on the first day of class via a fast and simple reading interface available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Also, the campus analytics offered through RedShelf Inclusive will equip faculty and administration with valuable usage data, with insights on student behaviors, contents and the study tools used most to drive student retention.

“We are always exploring new ways to expand our software to serve all students by being directly involved with innovators like OpenStax,” said Greg Fenton, chief executive officer at RedShelf. “Working together enables two providers committed to affordability to deliver positive student outcomes. Our partnership also gives schools across the country the ability to pilot inclusive access programs for free with RedShelf and OpenStax.”

Launched in 2012, RedShelf has grown 400% year-over-year by helping to transition the learning community from print to digital and giving all students access to course materials at an affordable price. Today, RedShelf partners with 500+ college and university bookstores, offering students affordable digital content from 600+ publishers.

About RedShelf

Using a browser-based eReader and seamless end-to-end inclusive access solution, RedShelf provides easily accessible and affordable course materials to students everywhere. As a leading supplier of digital learning materials, RedShelf provides technology to the learning community via its RedShelf eReader and RedShelf Inclusive products. In collaboration with strategic partners, publishers, institutions, and campus bookstores, RedShelf streamlines the discovery and distribution of eBooks and other digital course materials for today's students. To learn more about RedShelf, visit

About OpenStax

OpenStax is committed to improving access to quality learning materials. As a nonprofit ed tech initiative that is part of Rice University and supported by philanthropic foundations, OpenStax provides free college and Advanced Placement textbooks that are developed and peer-reviewed by educators as well as low cost, personalized courseware that helps students learn. For information, visit


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