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An Elegant Solution

For Complex Challenges.

From affordability and quality concerns to operational and financial strains, institutions of higher learning face unprecedented, complex challenges.

In searching for the best path forward, senior leaders at thousands of institutions are finding that automatically providing digital course materials to all students, through the LMS, is an elegant, high-impact solution.

Complex Challenges. Elegant Solution.

Improving Access & Equity

Lower cost of attendance (up to 80% less than print); guaranteed first-day access for every student; built-in accessibility for students with disabilities; ability to read online or offline

Delivering a Consistent, Positive Experience

Uninterrupted learning whether on-campus or remote; a single point of access to all required materials via the LMS; academic freedom to choose from 1MM+ digital titles 


Encouraging Learner Engagement

Built-in study tools (e.g. flashcards, study guide builders), plus option to embed quizzes, discussion questions, and more

Effectively Leveraging & Protecting Data

Rich student user insights to identify at-risk students and inform teaching; real-time sales performance data; unmatched security and privacy standards

Driving Operational Efficiency

Reduced physical inventory burden; streamlined administrative processes; turnkey system integrations


Ensuring Financial Sustainability

90+% average sell-through via Inclusive Access, keeping critical textbook revenue on campus



Strong sell-through 

translates to higher net revenues for publishers and schools 

Increased revenue

provides incentive for publishers to offer lowest possible prices

Inclusive Access:

A Win-Win-Win  

Through a delivery model known as “Inclusive Access,” RedShelf's college partners are able to provide every student with seamless, automatic access to their course materials—in a dynamic digital format and at prices that are below competitive market rates—right through the school’s LMS. The discounted cost is typically billed directly to students’ accounts or incorporated into tuition, always with an option to opt-out should a student wish to do so. Due to the unbeatable convenience and pricing, typically more than 90% of students choose to participate.

The Inclusive Access model creates a virtuous cycle of improved affordability and convenience for students, and greater financial sustainability for schools and publishers. It’s a win-win-win.

Unmatched affordability and convenience

leads to high student participation (sell-through) rates 

Cloud County Campus

The Right Solution for

Cloud County Community College

In just three weeks, we helped Cloud County move from a three-course pilot to 100% of courses delivering digital materials directly to students through Inclusive Access.

Read the story.


week implementation


of courses

moved to IA



of students chose to participate

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A Team & Tools To

Ensure Your Success

Our customer support doesn’t end once your program launches. All of our partners receive ongoing, personalized support from a dedicated team of professionals who assist with both long-term strategy and day-to-day implementation—to ensure success and a seamless experience for faculty, staff, and students. 

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