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Inclusive Access & Equitable Access:
An elegant solution to complex challenges.

From affordability and quality concerns to operational and financial strains, institutions of higher learning face unprecedented, complex challenges.


In searching for the best path forward, leaders at thousands of institutions are finding that automatically providing affordable digital course materials to every student (through delivery models known as Inclusive Access and Equitable Access) is an elegant way to help address those challenges. And that RedShelf is the digital partner to help them do it.

Complex Challenges. Elegant Solution.

Access & Equity

Lower cost of attendance (up to 80% less than print); guaranteed first-day access for all; built-in accessibility for students with disabilities; ability to read online or offline

Student Experience

Uninterrupted learning whether on-campus or remote; a single point of access to all required materials via the LMS


Learner Engagement

Built-in study tools (e.g. flashcards, study guide builders), plus option to embed assignments, quizzes, and more

Financial Sustainability

90+% average sell-through, keeping critical textbook revenue on campus

Operational Efficiency

Reduced physical inventory burden and risk; streamlined administrative processes; turnkey system integrations


Leveraging & Protecting Data

Student usage and performance analytics to identify at-risk students and inform teaching; real-time sales performance data; unmatched security and privacy standards


How it Works:
The Basics

  • Digital course materials delivered automatically to all students, right through the LMS

  • Cost included in tuition or added to student accounts

  • Always priced below competitive market rates, and with an option to opt-out

  • Secondary print option for those who opt-out of digital

  • Two pricing structure options:

    • Inclusive Access (IA): variable pricing per student, based on materials required

    • Equitable Access (EA): flat fee regardless of materials required

Unmatched affordability and convenience
leads to high student sell-through (participation) rates 

Why It Works:
A Win-Win-Win

IA & EA models create a virtuous cycle of improved affordability and convenience for students, and greater financial sustainability for schools and publishers. It’s a win-win-win.

Increased revenue

provides incentive for publishers to offer lowest possible prices

Image of a Circle Symbolizing a Continuous Cycle

Strong sell-through 

translates to higher net revenues for publishers and schools 

Chart Showing Benefits of Inclusive Access

Digital Provided Automatically

Digital Offered in  Bookstore

Unlimited Inventory, Immediate Availability

Reduced Physical Inventory Burden

Complete Portability

Built-In Accessibility for Students With Disabilities

User Analytics & Insights

More Engaging Than Print

More Affordable Than Print

Maximum Affordability (lowest possible price)

Maximum Convenience (no shopping, LMS access)

Maximum Revenue (typically 90+% participation)

Maximum Equity (first-day access for every student)

How it Compares:

Maximum Impact

Simply offering digital materials as a purchase option through your campus store or website has undeniable benefits. But automatically providing those materials through Inclusive Access or Equitable Access amplifies the impact even further.

The Digital Provider Chosen by Industry Leaders

Follett Logo

Digital provider to nearly half of all colleges nationwide, including all Follett-managed stores

"By leveraging RedShelf's leading-edge technology, Follett will continue to help campuses attract, retain, and drive better educational outcomes through state of the art digital learning experiences."

Roe J. McFarlane
Follett Higher Education Group


Tech & Learning Award Logo

Winner 2021 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence

"The RedShelf e-Reader and content delivery system is extremely robust...the system has made it very easy for educational institutions to evolve in the digital world we live in. I particularly like their ease of integration with both student information systems and learning management systems.”

Tech & Learning Awards

Publishing Software of the Year Logo

Named 2021 Publishing Software of the Year

"RedShelf’s digital course materials and distribution software enable publishers and colleges to improve affordability and provide a more frictionless experience for students, while reducing operational expense and adapting to changing customer preferences in the digital age.”

James Johnson
Managing Director
EdTech Breakthrough


Unizin Logo

Chosen by Unizin, a consortium of tier 1 research universities focused on effective use of learning technology

"Partnering with RedShelf allows us to immediately upgrade the student experience with an eReader solution that keeps accessibility—especially for those who don’t self-identify as having a disability—in primary focus;"

Cathy O’Bryan


Chosen by ISACA, international IT association known as leaders in security & privacy

"We are excited to work with RedShelf as a partner and provider that not only can enrich how we deliver content to learners, but also shares our passion for emerging technology, disruptive thinking, and making a positive impact on current and future generations of learners"

Nader Qaimari
Chief Product Officer


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