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Go Digital and Save Up To 80%

Shop more than one million titles from the leading eBook Distributor.

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With more than 1 million digital titles from hundreds of publishers, RedShelf saves you money, simplifies distribution, and delivers a dynamic reading experience you can’t get from print.  

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Ability to grant instant access. No waiting for shipments.  


Built-in note-taking, study tools, assessment features, and more.


Vast selection of affordable books on wide-ranging subjects.

Buy Bulk eBooks to Save Time & Money While Enhancing Learning 


Save Money

Spend less per book while also eliminating shipping and other related expenses.


Up to 80% Less Than Print

RedShelf maintains a vast catalogue of top titles on wide-ranging topics, but at prices that are dramatically lower than the print versions of those same books.  


Streamline Operations

Forget about managing storage and distribution of bulky print books. Go digital and instantly eliminate the operational chaos. 


Instant Online Access

RedShelf’s system will send your book recipients easy email instructions for creating a login and instantly accessing their eBooks on their virtual “shelves.”


Bring Books to Life

Our dynamic, cloud-based eReader provides interactive tools that enhance engagement in ways that static print books simply can’t.


Study & Assessment Features

From note-taking and flashcards to discussion questions, quizzes, and user analytics, the RedShelf eReader is packed with features to improve learning and evaluation. 

Buy Bulk. Buy Smart. Go Digital. 

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