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Why RedShelf?

Thousands of schools, businesses, and publishers choose RedShelf, making us one of the leading education companies in the nation, named 2021 Publishing Software of the Year, named to the Inc. 5000 for the past four consecutive years, and more. Here are just a few of the reasons we’ve become a leader in digital content delivery. 

A Digital-First Leader

Put simply, the future of learning content is digital-first, so your partner should be, too. While many providers are attempting to adapt their traditional print models to keep pace with digital evolution, RedShelf has been focused since our founding on being the best at digital content delivery. Our best-in-class technology was recently named the 2021 Publishing Software of the Year, and we have become the partner of choice for roughly half of all colleges, 10,000 content creators, and countless businesses, nonprofits, training companies, and more.

Effortless Evolution

Our customers frequently tell us that we make digital evolution “effortless”—so frequently, in fact, that it’s become an unofficial slogan. We have worked hard to build technology that is not only intuitive and easy to use, but integrates seamlessly with existing systems, reduces operational complexity, and delivers a truly frictionless experience for administrators and learners alike. 

One-Stop Shopping

While many vendors offer one or two pieces of the puzzle, we offer everything our partners need to go digital—rapid digitization and nationwide distribution for publishers and content creators; a vast catalog of digital textbooks and courseware for colleges and training enterprises; and the workflow software for efficiently acquiring, pricing, selling, and delivering those materials. 

Unparalleled Support

Many software companies expect customers to get by largely on their own. At RedShelf, our partners are assigned a dedicated team of individuals who roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to help them succeed. In addition, our partners have access to empathy-based support from our help desk staff as well as self-service troubleshooting through the RedShelf Solve knowledge base. We’re proud to maintain a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%. 

Unified Experience, Unified Data

As a single-platform solution, RedShelf’s Content Delivery System enables our partners to administer all of their training and course materials through a single platform. Learners enjoy a consistent access point for all their required materials, while administrators benefit from comprehensive, holistic business and user analytics. 

Best-in-Class eReader

All of our digital books are delivered on the award-winning RedShelf eReader, packed with built-in study tools including highlighting, definitions, text-to-speech, flashcards, note-sharing, and more. By upgrading to RedShelf Classroom, content creators and instructors can enhance the material even further through assignments, quizzes, and multimedia.

Industry-Leading Accessibility

Leveraging an accessibility-first design methodology—led by our own in-house accessibility team—RedShelf’s technology ensures equivalent experiences for all learners, even those who don’t disclose an existing disability. 

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What Our Partners Are Saying...

RedShelf has been the most reliable partner in our Inclusive Access program. It starts with the people you employ; whenever we, at the bookstore, need something, the responses are always same-day and the same is true when our students need something. So many companies out there (not just in the digital or textbook market) could learn many things about the way to conduct themselves with clients and partners alike.

Tony D'Urso

Course Materials Manager

University of New Mexico Bookstore

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RedShelf is a great company to work with. We love the digital delivery and the eReader which makes access much simpler for students!

Tammy Gocial

Associate Academic Vice President

Maryville University

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RedShelf solves problems faster than just about everyone.

Justin Foley

Towson University Bookstore

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I love the ease of the process and the great staff that help you along the way!

Brenda Lowery

Bookstore Manager

Oakland Community College

Quotation (1).png

Great to work with, great user experience, responsive, and fun!

J Hayward

Jones and Bartlett Learning

Quotation (1).png

Completely satisfied with RedShelf's service and products along with great customer service.

Julie McCoy

Administrative Coordinator/Manager

University of South Carolina-Sumter Bookstore

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Great service, friendly people, great turnaround.


Thomas Thibodseau

Assistant Provost

New England Institute of Technology

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All RedShelf staff I've interacted with have been extremely helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable. The feedback we've heard from students has also been very positive. They are a pleasure to work with.

Diane Teague


Azusa Pacific University Bookstore

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Fast response time, works to get us the information we need. Works with our IT to get everything set-up and rolling. Flexible invoicing, too.

Cliff Hoy

Bookstore/Post Office Manager

Tusculum University

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Strong integration and partnership. An essential component of our DDA program.

Christopher Wirth


Anne Arundel Community College Bookstore

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I would have given RedShelf an 11 but it was not one of the choices!

Micah Ruddell

Assisstant Manager

Kilgore College Bookstore

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