Why RedShelf?

A comprehensive partner for your digital evolution.

RedShelf has been super helpful to our team. Any questions or issues that arise, RedShelf is helpful and answers those issues quickly. This has changed our business model from printed access codes to on-demand access to required material. No longer are we burdened with ordering, storing, and returning unused codes.

~Derick Robertson, Georgia Southern University

The evidence is clear that digital course materials can dramatically improve educational affordability while supporting learning and business outcomes. But why choose RedShelf for going digital? In addition to offering publishers broad distribution, and offering campuses vast title availability, here are some of the ways we're different.

  • A "One-Stop Shopping" Partner. While many vendors can assist with one or two pieces of the content delivery puzzle, RedShelf provides everything you need. We offer both the digital course materials (roughly one million titles from 400+ publishers) as well as the workflow technology for efficiently distributing those materials—from materials selection and adoption to procurement and selling to Inclusive Access implementation to billing and analytics.

  • A Single-Platform, End-to-End System. Rather than attempting to “bolt” together separate technology tools for each task in the workflow, we built a single-platform system from the ground up, to ensure a frictionless user experience, greater system reliability, and less administrative complexity.

  • Seamless Integrations. Our platform integrates with all industry-leading LMS and POS systems, translating to improved operational efficiencies for our partners and more convenient ("one-click") access for students.

  • A Consistent User Experience Across Devices. Our unique cloud-based platform ensures users receive the same full-feature experience on any device, with no need to download and continually update apps or purchase special reading devices.

  • Superior Data Security. This cloud-based platform also provides greater protection of students’ personal data compared to app-based eReaders or digital books that are stored locally on student devices.

  • Industry-Leading Accessibility. Leveraging our accessibility-first design methodology—led by our own in-house accessibility team—sets a new standard and ensures equivalent experiences for all users, as opposed to different experiences for some.

  • Study Tools to Enhance Learning. The RedShelf eReader includes keyword search, highlighting, study guides, flashcards, note-sharing, and more to help students study far more efficiently than with traditional print textbooks.

  • Courseware Features to Enhance Teaching. By upgrading to RedShelf Classroom, faculty are able to embed discussion questions, videos, and audio files directly into digital texts—to enhance and gauge comprehension, identify at-risk students, and inform classroom discussion.

  • Unparalleled Partnership and Support. It’s not just lip service, we’re kind of fanatical about getting in the trenches with our partners to help them succeed. We think of ourselves not so much as “vendors” but as active “co-creators,” collaborating with each partner to plan and implement the best possible solutions to help them transition effortlessly from print to digital.

What We Believe

At RedShelf, we believe that education changes the world and that, through technology, we can change education for the better. We believe in win-win solutions that make education both more affordable and impactful for students, and more financially sustainable for educators and content creators. We believe in doing well by doing good.

Our Mission

To improve education through technology.

Our Vision

A world in which knowledge is within everyone's reach. 

Our Values


We’re endlessly curious and hungry to learn, updating our knowledge and seeking new ways to improve our service, our products, ourselves, and each other.


We give off good vibes, positive energy, and maintain an infectious can-do attitude.


We are unrelenting in achieving outstanding results, consistently going above and beyond to advance our mission.


We’re strategically creative and efficiently inventive, always aiming for the most affordable and effective solutions for our  customers.


We’re focused on doing what’s best for our teammates, our partners, and our customers.


We take responsibility for the quality of our work, and work hard even when no one is looking. 

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