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Support to Empower

Your Success.

At RedShelf, our customer service extends well beyond traditional help desks and how-to guides. Each of our partners receives ongoing, personalized support from a dedicated team of individuals who assist with both long-term strategy as well as day-to-day implementation. 

A Team & Tools To Ensure Your Success

RedShelf Sales Manager Icon

Sales Directors

Expert, strategic consultation on your evolving vision, and the RedShelf solutions that can help you get there. 

RedShelf Account Executive Icon

Customer Service Directors

Day-to-day operational assistance and hands-on support to keep things on track to success.

RedShelf Content Manager Icon

Customer Success Team

Behind-the-scenes quality assurance for your course materials acquisition and distribution processes.

RedShelf Customer Experience Team Icon

Customer Experience Team

Empathy-based help desk support for administrators, faculty, and learners. 

Publishing Team

Extensive and ever-expanding network of publisher relationships, offering over one million titles and a team dedicated to acquiring exactly what you need.

RedShelf Accessibility Team Icon

Accessibility Team

Expert consultation for learners, instructors, and disability services staff, from our own in-house team of experts.

RedShelf Solve Knowledge Base Icon

Online Knowledge Base

Self-service troubleshooting and support, 24/7, through RedShelf Solve, our online knowledge base.

RedShelf Marketing Resources Icon

Marketing Resources

Personal advisement and turnkey communication tools to help you build buy-in and drive sales.

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