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Transform Training by Going Digital 

Named 2021 Publishing Software of the Year, RedShelf helps organizations say goodbye to costly print materials, bulky binders, and lifeless PDFs in favor of more dynamic and efficient digital learning materials. 


Our best-in-class technology brings organizational training materials to life, while reducing cost and effort.

The Benefits of Digital Training Materials

Lower Costs

Eliminate printing and shipping expenses by converting your materials to digital, or select from our catalog of one million professionally-developed digital titles from top publishers.

Quick & Easy Implementation

Our award-winning technology digitizes your materials in just a matter of minutes, transforming your content into a dynamic and interactive learning experience. 

Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to printing packets, stuffing binders, transporting, or mailing. Simply grant trainees instant access to your dynamic online materials, with the option to deliver them right through your Learning Management System (LMS).

Convenient Access 

Enable trainees to access their materials immediately, online or offline, from any device, with built-in accessibility for learners with disabilities.

Enhanced Learning

Bring content to life with built-in study tools (e.g. flashcards, study guide creator) and the ability to embed assignments, quizzes, and more.

Better Data  

Access data and insights (e.g. reading time and frequency, comprehension of concepts) simply not possible with traditional print or PDF-based materials—to identify gaps in understanding, monitor participation, and inform ongoing training. 

The RedShelf eReader

Instantly transform your training content into dynamic eBooks.

  • Anywhere Access, Any Device

  • Keyword Search

  • Highlighting

  • Note-Taking & Sharing

  • Study Guide Builder

  • Flashcard Creator

  • Definitions

  • Citations

  • Text-to-Speech (Read Aloud)

  • Usage Analytics

RedShelf eReader Image.png

In just minutes, RedShelf will ingest your content and publish it on the best-in-class RedShelf eReader. Packed with built-in study tools and engagement features, our eReader brings your training materials to life in ways that print simply can't. Learners enjoy access to your content from any device, online or offline.

RedShelf Classroom

Enhance your content even further with engagement and assessment features.

Upgrade your RedShelf eBooks to RedShelf Classroom to provide instructors a way to engage with students and monitor learning, even outside the classroom.

RedShelf Classroom Interface.png
  • Create and insert notes throughout the eBook content to guide learners’ focus

  • Add multimedia assets to provide supplemental learning 

  • Embed quizzes and assignments to gauge comprehension of the material

  • Include automated feedback and explanations for incorrect quiz answers, to support understanding

  • Access analytics to monitor usage, identify at-risk learners, and inform ongoing training and instruction

  • View and manage all your Classroom-enabled materials from a single dashboard

  • Empower learners with their own dashboard for tracking their assignments and performance 

RedShelf Collections

Bundle packages of eBooks or courseware to simplify distribution.

Use our RedShelf Collections tool to bundle digital training materials into packages or "curricula," for more convenient and complete dissemination to learners. 

  • Reduce learner confusion regarding what is required

  • Streamline administration when assigning multiple training items to individual employees and/or teams

  • Ensure timely, cost-effective delivery of all required content for each learner

RedShelf Collections

Manage all your materials from a central location.

Build, view, and modify your portfolio of training contentand efficiently deploy materials and monitor usageall from a single administrative dashboard. 

  • View, re-organize, and modify your catalog at any time

  • Upload new content for digitization and immediate distribution

  • Send samples of digitized content to stakeholders for review, and track usage of those samples

  • Quickly and easily grant access to all learners 

  • Monitor learner compliance and performance in real-time

RedShelf Partner Dashboard

RedShelf Partner Dashboard

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To explore how RedShelf's best-in-class technology can transform your organizational training while reducing cost and effort, click below to request a free consultation and demo. 

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