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RedShelf and

Enhancing the learning experience for more than eight million students

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About the Partnership

Since March of 2019, RedShelf has been the primary digital provider for all Follett-managed campus stores and eCommerce properties, improving affordability and enhancing the learning experience for millions of students, while streamlining all aspects of the course materials distribution process. 

Through the partnership, Follet-managed properties in the U.S. and Canada enjoy access to a catalog of more than a million digital titles from thousands of leading publishers and content creators. In addition, RedShelf's seamless system integrations give students frictionless access to both eBooks and courseware through digital access codes sold in-store and through direct delivery via the LMS, as part of the Follett ACCESS Program.

~1 million eTexbook and courseware titles from more than 10,000 publishers and content creators

Seamless POS, LMS, and publisher courseware integrations for efficient delivery via digital access codes or Inclusive Access

More than 8 million students across ~3,000 campus and eCommerce properties in the U.S. and Canada

About RedShelf's Digital Course Materials

Delivered on a convenient cloud-based eReader packed with interactive features, RedShelf's digital course materials enhance teaching and learning in ways that print simply can't. 

pencil and paper icon

Highlight text, take notes, 
and share with classmates

Alphabet icon

Define unfamiliar words

quickly and easily

Flashcard icon

Create flashcards

while reading

Study guide icon

Build study guides

for review and test prep

conversation bubble icon

Engage students

with discussion questions, quizzes, and more

printer icon

Print select pages

or read offline when needed

loud speaker icon

Have text read aloud

and select the voice and pace 

quotation mark icon

Produce APA, MLA, and Chicago-Style citations

instantly and effortlessly

I have been using RedShelf for one semester now and I truly believe that it provides one of the best online platforms for college textbooks. The features that are given to students are very helpful and have made a positive impact in my academic performance. I like the use of the online flashcards as well as the student collaboration features.

~Kristen S., Student

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About RedShelf

RedShelf is a Chicago-based EdTech company helping to make education both more affordable and more effective by replacing yesterday’s print publications with today’s more dynamic and less expensive digital content. RedShelf distributes nearly a million digital titles from 400+ publishers and offers an end-to-end Content Delivery System (CDS) to help campuses more efficiently manage their course materials distribution processes. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.



About Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG)

FHEG is a prominent and historic omni-channel retailer and educational service provider that operates over 1,200 campus store locations and 1,800 eCommerce websites, providing emblematic and non-emblematic general merchandise and course materials within the higher education marketplace. FHEG serves both two-year and four-year colleges through long-term contracts with approximately 800 campus partners. FHEG manages the institution’s online and in-store channels to assort and sell a wide array of merchandise and services that support students, faculty, campus administration, alumni, and the surrounding community.

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