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RedShelf and indiCo to Co-host the 2017 Inclusive Access Conference


Industry leaders provide insights on implementing cost-saving inclusive access models

CHICAGO & OBERLIN, Ohio, Aug 17, 2017 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- RedShelf, the largest inclusive access provider to the independent campus store market, and indiCo, a collaborative alternative supporting self-operation of campus stores, announce the inaugural Inclusive Access Conference 2017 (IAC 2017) on November 9-10, 2017, at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. 

Inclusive access programs typically include the cost of textbooks as part of a student's tuition or course fees. As a result, students gain immediate digital accessto their required textbooks and course materials at a much lower cost than purchasing traditional new print textbooks.

The conference begins with a dinner and reception and leads into a half-day educational event that will provide data, analytics, and details on the latest innovations in inclusive access programs. Multiple education sessions, roundtable sessions, and panel discussions will give top publishers, industry experts, and campus bookstores the opportunity to ask questions and have deeper discussions about inclusive access programs. Attendees should leave equipped with the information necessary to start a discussion about implementing an inclusive access program at their institution.

“RedShelf is proud to host the first-ever Inclusive Access Conference in partnership with indiCo. The conference presents a unique opportunity for publishers and the campus bookstore community to come together and discuss the future of inclusive access programs,” said Greg Fenton, co-founder and chief executive officer of RedShelf. “We are excited to provide the platform for evaluating inclusive programs and offer networking opportunities for attendees in a collaborative and informal setting.”

IAC 2017 will be held immediately prior to the Textbook Affordability Conference (TAC), also at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center from November 10-12, 2017.

“It makes sense to time these two conferences to take place right after one another,” Fenton said. “The audiences for IAC 2017 and TAC 2017 are very similar and we knew we’d have the greatest impact by aligning our schedules to meet the goals of both conferences.”

“indiCo is committed to helping independent campus stores reduce the cost of course materials for students and inclusive access has proved to be a successful option on many campuses,” said Ed Schlichenmayer, indiCo president. “Our goal for this conference is to give attendees the insight they need to go back to their campus and start the discussion around whether implementing an inclusive access program at their institution makes the most sense.”

About RedShelf

Using a browser-based eReader and seamless end-to-end inclusive access solution, RedShelf provides easily accessible and affordable course materials to students everywhere. As a leading supplier of digital learning materials, RedShelf provides technology to the learning community via its RedShelf eReader and RedShelf Inclusive products. In collaboration with strategic partners, publishers, institutions, and campus bookstores, RedShelf streamlines the discovery and distribution of eBooks and other digital course materials for today's students. To learn more about RedShelf, visit

About indiCo

indiCo is a collaborative business model that supports self-operation of campus stores and lowers the cost of higher education and improves student success. We offer campus administrators and store directors an alternative to leasing that supports self-operating their campus bookstores. indiCo combines the efficiency, buying power, and guidance promised by corporate lease operators with the flexibility and brand autonomy of an institutionally operated university store. Backed by its parent company, The National Association of College Stores (NACS), indiCo is a trusted partner with deep knowledge of campus stores and an established network of the industry’s leading vendors.


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