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RedShelf Inclusive Receives Certification for IMS Global LTI Membership Service


RedShelf Becomes Certified LTI Provider to Assist EdTech Community with Interoperability

CHICAGO (April 17, 2018) -- RedShelf, a leading provider of digital learning materials, has received certification for IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Tools Interoperability® standard. The LTI certification recognizes compliancy around a set of standards for technology providers integrating with learning management systems (LMS), student information systems and student portals.

As a certified LTI provider, RedShelf Inclusive seamlessly integrates through single-sign on with LMS portals such as Canvas, D2L and Blackboard among others. While RedShelf has been an LTI provider for years, this certification ensures a more central and simplified user experience for students and instructors.

“As we continue to grow and innovate with RedShelf Inclusive, this certification is a natural fit to ensure an improved user experience,” said Bill Scott, SVP of Product at RedShelf. “At the core, this demonstrates our commitment to providing our students and instructors with the best learning experience possible.”

RedShelf Inclusive provides affordable course materials for students on the first day of classes through their LMS portal. The program has more than 140 participating institutions and has seen a 600% year-over-year unit growth. As an Affiliate Member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, RedShelf will continue driving interoperability around RedShelf Inclusive enhancements.


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