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Partnering with Publishers 

to Deliver the Digital Future.

Send more of your content into the digital classroom.

As one of the nation's leading digital course material providers, RedShelf makes your products available to nearly half of all American institutions’ point-of-sale systems, as well as their Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs. More than 600 publishers trust RedShelf to deliver their digital content through the following channels:

Our eCommerce website makes your digital content available to all internet users.


White Label Websites

Some partner institutions use our eCommerce technology to sell digital publications directly to their students.


Student Choice

Institutions can offer digital versions of your textbooks alongside or instead of print versions in their physical stores.


Inclusive & Equitable Access

Institutions can offer day-one access to your materials on the RedShelf platform by integrating them it with their LMS.



RedShelf delivers digital content to 1,100+ campuses through Follett-managed stores.

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The RedShelf eReader


Discover the RedShelf advantage.

Our award-winning, easy-to-use eReader is available on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Designed for the ultimate user experience and featuring powerful DRM settings, the eReader is built to offer the best in accessibility and interactivity.

  • Anywhere Access, Any Device

  • Keyword Search

  • Highlighting

  • Note-Taking & Sharing

  • Study Guide Builder

  • Flashcard Creator

  • Definitions

  • Citations

  • Text-to-Speech (Read Aloud)


Flexible Agreement Options

You are in control of student pricing.

As your distribution partner, RedShelf sells directly to students or to institutions on your behalf. For each piece of content sold on the RedShelf platform, the publisher nets the majority of the sale amount, and RedShelf earns percentage of the sale. You decide how student pricing is determined by choosing one of our two contract options:


You determine a publisher price, and RedShelf adds a margin that is charged to the end user.


You determine a student price, and RedShelf earns a percentage of that price.

RedShelf Classroom

Multiple Content Types

No matter what type of digital content you offer, the RedShelf platform handles it.


Digital books that are accessed through our eReader. We accept both EPUBs and PDF source files.


Students access your courseware via RedShelf either through code reveal or through a codeless integration with the institution’s LMS. 


Users can purchase both the eBook and an access code for your coded courseware in a single transaction.


Guided Onboarding

Once an agreement is signed, we reach out to train you on our system and answer any questions you have. 

Books and Laptop

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